Namaka Lake

Located just southeast of the hamlet of Namaka, Namaka Lake is located in south-central Alberta approximately 10 km southeast of the town of Strathmore. It is situated very close to Eagle Lake which makes for a nice alternative location if/when Eagle Lake has the summer blues (blue-green algae) but it has it’s own unique layout and qualities that make it a favorite place to kite for many in the area. The water quality is quite nice and it also has slight alkaline mineral composition which seems to add buoyancy to a water-user when in the water there (as like in salt water). So while others may be kiting on larger kites at nearby Eagle Lake, you may find that you may require less of a kite at Namaka (or use be able to use a much smaller board) for your session – in the same wind conditions.

At times in the season, there can be many light wight weeds that are under the surface of the water in many areas of the lake that make it slow to ride raceboard or any directional board with larger/longer fins.

*Please note not too physically disturb water-fowl nests on and around the surround shoreline at Namaka Lake. Please respect their home.

To get to Namaka Lake (see map below) Drive east past the town of Strathmore on the Trans Canada Highway for 8.2 km and watch for a large sign that says “EAGLE LAKE PARK”. After you turn south, Eagle Lake is to your right. Drive south for about 10 km to a T-junction. Turn left and proceed east for approximately 2 km and you will arrive near the north side of the lake.

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