Lake Keho

Located near Barrons, AB, Lake Keho is one of Southern Alberta’s favorites for kiteboarding with many days of strong winds in the Spring, Summer and Fall months. The more regular and dominant winds are from the SW. There are quite a few spots on the north side of the lake to launch from when wind is SW including Kite Beach, Kehokipa, and Kite Ranch – which are some of the more accommodating lake accesses. There are many other spots to launch from for other (~onshore) wind directions detailed on the map below.

As the dominant strong winds in this area are SW and W, the more popular (safer) launches during these days are Kite Beach and the Kite Ranch. The Kite Ranch is a private access area and is not to be accessed without permission. Kite Beach on the other hand is open to all but has local care takers who cut the grass and provide other maintenance services there on behalf of all users and ask only for an annual donation of $20 to Force10 Board Sailing Club to help support open access and use of this great spot.

See the map below for further viewing and directions. Questions? Have you kited here? Liked it? Do you have some extra details you’d like to share? Please comment below!

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