Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is set in gently rolling prairie near the town of Strathmore, approximately 40 km east of the city of Calgary. It has become a favorite for Calgary kiters for snow and water use as it is relatively close and it offers great terrain and snow accumulation on and off the lake’s surface in the winter and quality wind-swell waves for kitesurfing in the water season with a shallow perimeter along the water’s edge all the way around the lake. Also, that fun off-lake snowkiting terrain on the south side of the Eagle Lake is great for Kite Landboarding (see Eagle Meadows location page)

Currently, there are 3 main launch spots at Eagle Lake. The NW launch, dubbed Nursery Launch as it is land owned by the Eagle Lake Tree Nursery, is a great launch for S, SE, SW, E winds. It is accessed via RR245 south from HWY 1. For N, NW, W wind directions a good spot is the south launch, also accessed via RR 245 on the south side of the lake. A nice alternative launch location with many amenities for NW, W, and SW winds is the Eagle Lake Campground which is paid access and located on the SE corner of Eagle Lake. Check out out the map below for more detail.

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  1. Patrick

    It’s best to kite from the Nursery launch when the wind blows E, SE, S as other wind directions are relatively in the offshore direction (and disturbed from large trees in the area) . The south side launch is good for all other directions of wind.

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